Kochi Station 3-minute walk from Kochi Station hotel is 5 minutes from downtown.
City hotel of Japanese style with various types of rooms

【Official】Hotel Takasago

 3-minute walk from Kochi Station, 5 minutes from downtown, Japanese style hotel

3 minutes on foot from Kochi Station, it is convenient for sightseeing in the city such as Sunday market Harimayabashi, Harimayabashi
Japanese-style modern hotel with various types of rooms

Nationwide expansion of the Kochi sightseeing discount campaign (national travel support) until July 14

  • Nationwide expansion of the "Kochi Sightseeing Tokuwari Campaign" (national travel support), applicable to all plan.

    ※Reservations from the hotel official website or telephone reservations are eligible.
    ※Valid for local payments only.When making a reservation, please be sure to pay on site.Pre-paid reservations are not eligible for discounts.
    ※Saturday, April 1, 2023 to July 14, 2023(Friday)
    Items that have been reserved or sold are eligible for this campaign.

    ①Travel/accommodation discount:Up to 20% discount per person (per night)
    (Up to 3,000 yen, 5,000 yen for travel products with transportation)
    ② Coupon distribution:2,000 yen per person (overnight) on weekdays,1,000 yen on holidays
  • Tokuwari Campaign What you must bring (must be for all guests.)

    ●Identity verification documents(driver's license,Health insurance card,My number card etc.)
    ※The target of the campaign is "people living in Japan", and it is still necessary to "confirm the place of residence" with identification documents (driver's license, insurance card, etc.), so when using the campaign, be sure to Please bring an identity verification document that shows your place of residence.

Hotel Facilities

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Hotel Name

Hotel Takasago


2-1 Ekimae Town, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture

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3 minutes walk from JR Kochi Station Kochi IC car, 30 minutes by car from the airport, Kochibashi Mae", 1 minute walk from the convenience store, 1 minute walk from the rental car shop, 5 bicycle rentals
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Staying in Kochi, transportation expenses up to 5000 yen Cash back(^ ^) 

Prevention measures for "new coronavirus" infection

  • Prevention measures for "new coronavirus" infection

    ■Alcoholic disinfectant is placed at the front desk, lobby, restaurant, banquet hall, etc.
    Hand disinfection is recommended for customers who use this service.
    ■Alcohol disinfectant is also placed in each room.
    ■We are strengthening the disinfection and sterilization measures for parts that are touched by many people, such as elevator buttons, handrail door knobs, faucets, guest room remote controls, and switches.

    ■The hotel service staff also wears masks to prevent the spread of infection.

    ■ In order to respond to customers in a healthy state, we pay close attention to the health management of employees and instruct them to thoroughly wash their hands, gargle and disinfect.
  • Prevention measures for "new coronavirus" infection

    Alcoholic disinfectant is placed at the entrance such as front desk, lobby, restaurant, banquet hall, each room,
    Hand disinfection is recommended for customers who use this service.
    Alcohol disinfectant is also placed in each room.
  • Prevention measures for "new coronavirus" infection

    Breakfast is served with personal Japanese cuisine.
    In addition, we hang hanging paper on dish and consider hygiene.
    At the same time, we will also provide information on table layout, taking into account the spacing and other factors.

Safe food style at Hotel Takasago

It was featured in a travel magazine traveling color, (^ ^)

25 restaurants and restaurants selected by the citizens, "Kochi family's dinner table with dinner tickets"☆Breakfast Included Plan

You can see Anpanman in 2 minutes on foot from Hotel Takasago (^ ^)

We will thoroughly prevent infectious diseases throughout the hotel and serve food in a safe environment.

  • We are accepting reservations for the welcome and farewell party.

    We will thoroughly prevent infectious diseases throughout the hotel and serve food in a safe environment.
    Hotel Takasago's banquet plan is a dinner cuisine style in which two types of main dishes, such as pot dish, steamed dishes, and ceramics, are offered at an individual level. Other, such as Oirigori, platter in a Sawachi lavishly. Please spend luxurious time with hotel hospitality.

20 minutes by car from our hotel, bonito grilling experience (with breakfast + lunch included) plan

  • Fun for everyone at lunch, it is a bonito grill experience plan!

  • Each one can experience the bonito. , Eating bonito together is excellent

  • The bonito of bonito to eat and eat by myself is usually sun-dried salt and wasabi, and then it's boiled with soy sauce

Japan's largest Street market! , Kochi City, Tosa's Sunday market, PR, video (within 3 minutes from the hotel)

  • Sunday market PR video can be seen.

    What is "Tosa's Sunday market"
    There is a history of over 300 years, Street market boasting the largest scale in Japan by total extension · total number of store openings · total number of visitors.A lot of local people and tourists are also visiting.At the information desk, you can also get a free guide map so you can enjoy Tosa's Sunday market for the first time.

    Sunday market
    Holding date Every Sunday (From the 10th August to the 12th August of the Yosakoi period on January 1st and 2nd of the New Year holidays)
    Hours 5:00 am to 6:00 pm (April to September) / 5:30 am to 5 pm (October to March) ※Including time for preparation and tidying up in time
    Location Otesuji, Kochi City (Otesuji)
  • vist kochi

    vist kochi
  • Deep and unique Kochi experience tour

    Deep and unique Kochi experience tour

30 minutes from Hotel Takasago by car, 1 hour, Kochi recommendation, Fruit picking

  • Kochi's recommendation Fruit picking ▶ ️, experience site is here

    Strawberries: January to March, From April to early June
      pear: Mid August to early November
    Apple: Mid August to early November
    Mandarin orange: Late September - early December
  • Hotel Takasago it is 30 minutes by car, from January to June you can hunt strawberries.

    All you can eat strawberry hunting, Time unlimited!
    Every year, the most popular strawberry picking is done every day from January to early June. It starts from nine o'clock, but it ends as soon as the red fruit of that day runs out. We recommend an early time visit.

    Even if you go, you can pick strawberries yourself and eat it on the spot so fresh! If you take red strawberries yourself, put milk on your mouth! , Because it is nutrient cultivation, it is okay not to wash it. There is no time limit, so you can relax and enjoy.  Families·Your friends, please come along!

Kochi workation experience coupon campaign

  • Workation experience coupon campaign in Kochi

    In order to promote workations in Kochi Prefecture that allow people to enjoy Kochi Prefecture's attractions of "nature" and "experiences", we will provide coupons that can be used for experiences and activities in the prefecture to those who implement workations in the prefecture. Conduct a distribution campaign.
     Get an experience coupon and enjoy work and play to your heart's content!

Only 30 minutes by car from the hotel, the closest unexplored area from the city, a miracle clear stream, a trip around the Niyodo River

July 4 debut Monogatari train(The story of the dawn of the Shisa Tosa era)

  • Enjoy a train trip with Tosa ryu hospitality(Kochi to Kubokawa)

    Feel the history and enjoy the ever-changing nature and the present
    The things that this trip leaves behind are things that make you feel the dawn of the times.
    A new train that has such a feeling.
  • July 4 debut Monogatari train(The story of the dawn of the Shisa Tosa era)

  • July 4 debut Monogatari train(Delicious meal menu)

    And passion material choice for chef who knows the Tosa of ingredients, finished food multiplied human effort to Sawachi style of regional cuisine.Enjoy the taste and appearance of Tosa.

About 2 hours by car from Hotel Takasago, Shimanto River, Kashiwa Island, etc. South West area of Kochi, Experience site

Cyclist welcome, Hotel Takasago keeps important bicycles in locked garage!

A tourist information system using artificial intelligence (AI) "tosatrip"※Japanese is also OK.

Business resumption is undecided.Use of "Go To Travel Campaign"

  • "Go To Travel Campaign" User Guide

    ① When making a reservation(A to D)
    (A) Reserve a "Go To Travel Eligible"plan on the Hotel Takasago website
    ⇒All plan are eligible.
     For details, go to the Go To Travel special page

    (B) Hotel Takasago reservation by telephone directly to Hotel Takasago
    ⇒ Please tell the reservation reception that you are using the plan

    (C) Make a reservation from an internet travel site
    ⇒Please make reservations according to the rules of each site such as "Jalan net" and "Rakuten Travel".

    (D) Make a reservation from a travel agency
    ⇒Please purchase products eligible for the "Go To Travel" discount at each travel agency.
  • About handing over GoTo Travel Regional Coupons

    Customers who use the GoTo Travel Campaign from their stay on October 1st will receive a "regional coupon" equivalent to 15% of the travel price.The method of delivery and the form of the coupon will differ depending on the reservation method (route).The main ones are introduced below.Please refer.

    <Form of regional common coupon>
    ① Paper coupon:Hotel Takasago Official,Jalan net,Rakuten Travel,Major travel agency stores
    ② Electronic coupon:Ikyu.com, Rurubu Travel, booking, etc.

    <Handing method (for paper coupons)>
    ① When making a reservation with a travel agency:Handed over at a travel agency store
    ② When making a reservation on the Internet:Handed over at Hotel Takasago Front Desk at check-in
  • Highway use is also eligible for the Go To Travel Campaign!

    You can get up to 35% discount on highway tour passes nationwide by making a reservation from the Hotel Takasago official website!

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