2. Passionate Tosa Wagyu

Passionate Tosa Wagyu

Tosa Wagyu raised in the rich nature of the Shikoku Mountains and the Pacific Ocean

Tosa Wagyu has fine Tosa Wagyu of fleshy and has a moderate amount of grease, so it adds a heat to create a mild flavor and richness.

Popular! Tosa Wagyu Selectable porcelain plate & plate Sawachi Menu& bonito seafood plan

Carefully selected material "Tosa Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki" &Sawachi Menu&plan with bonito

Tosa Wagyu beef hot pot &Chotaro Shellfish grilled & bonito seared Sawachi Menu plan

【Recommended for meat lovers! 】Tosa Wagyu porcelain plate and Tosa Wagyu pot and Sawachi Menu plan

Shop plan where you can eat the popular Aka Tosa

One minute walk from Hotel Takasago! "Yaiyahito" With a special meal plan at a restaurant where you can eat delicious yakiniku and seafood locally

Tosa Wagyu sukiyaki and shabu-shabu, which are popular at our hotel.