3 minutes walk from Kochi Station 5 minutes to downtown area,
City hotel of Japanese style with various types of rooms

【Official】Hotel Takasago

 3 minutes walk from Kochi Station, 5 minutes to downtown ,, Japanese style hotel

3 minutes walk from Kochi Station, convenient for sightseeing such as Sunday market and Harima Bridge
Japanese-style modern hotel with various types of rooms

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Hotel Takasago


2-1 Ekimae-cho, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture

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3 minutes walk from JR Kochi Station, 10 minutes by Kochi IC car, 30 minutes by car from airport, 1 minute walk from Airport bus "Kochibashi Mae" 1 minute walk, convenience store 1 minute walk, rental car store 1 minute walk, 3 bicycle stations
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It was featured in a travel magazine traveling color, (^ ^)

Welcome party · Farewell party etc. At Hotel Takasago large and small various banquet reservations are in process

  • Welcome party · Farewell party banquet is Hotel Takasago

    Hotel Takasago's banquet plan is a dinner cuisine style in which two types of main dishes, such as pot dish, steamed dishes, and ceramics, are offered at an individual level. Other, such as Oirigori, platter in a Sawachi lavishly. Please spend luxurious time with hotel hospitality.

  Kochi, Nature & experience campaign, 2019 2/1 - 2020 12/31

30 minutes from Hotel Takasago by car, 1 hour, Kochi recommendation, Fruit picking

You can see Anpanman in 2 minutes on foot from Hotel Takasago (^ ^)

20 minutes by car from our hotel, bonito grilling experience (with breakfast + lunch included) plan

  • Fun for everyone at lunch, it is a bonito grill experience plan!

  • Each one can experience the bonito. , Eating bonito together is excellent

  • The bonito of bonito to eat and eat by myself is usually sun-dried salt and wasabi, and then it's boiled with soy sauce

Japan's largest Street market! , Kochi City, Tosa's Sunday market, PR, video (within 3 minutes from the hotel)

  • Sunday market PR video can be seen.

    What is "Tosa's Sunday market"
    There is a history of over 300 years, Street market boasting the largest scale in Japan by total extension · total number of store openings · total number of visitors.A lot of local people and tourists are also visiting.At the information desk, you can also get a free guide map so you can enjoy Tosa's Sunday market for the first time.

    Sunday market
    Holding date Every Sunday (From the 10th August to the 12th August of the Yosakoi period on January 1st and 2nd of the New Year holidays)
    Hours 5:00 am to 6:00 pm (April to September) / 5:30 am to 5 pm (October to March) ※Including time for preparation and tidying up in time
    Place Kochi City Reinforcement (Oshataji)
  • vist kochi

    vist kochi
  • Deep and unique Kochi experience tour

    Deep and unique Kochi experience tour

25 restaurants and restaurants selected by the citizens, "Kochi family's dinner table with dinner tickets"☆Breakfast Included Plan

【Makino Botanical Garden】 3/21 "Konkon Mountain Square" Grand Opening!

Tourist information system utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) "tosatrip"※Japanese is also OK.

Hotel Takasago is participating in Tosa Country Sushi Fair.

Cyclist welcome, Hotel Takasago keeps important bicycles in locked garage!

About 2 hours by car from Hotel Takasago, Shimanto River, Kashiwa Island etc, Southwest area of ​​Kochi, experiential site

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